A selection of recent projects carried out by ACC Contracting:

Installation of Timber Board Walk and Access Ramp on River Bank

ACC Contracting were contracted by Bracknell Town Council to design, fabricate and install a 30m long timber access ramp from a raised path to disabled fishing platforms on the River Cut at a recreation ground. The access ramp was sited in a soft, boggy area and had to be reinforced to allow easy and safe access to the river bank for wheelchairs and people with limited mobility as well as ensure we worked around the inclement weather and ground conditions on site. The structure was constructed entirely from Class 4 treated timber and custom built for the location on site.


Installation of Field Shelter and raised Hard Standing

ACC Contracting was contracted by a customer to stop the area her field shelter was currently sited in getting wet and muddy. We quoted to install a raised 7.2m x 7.2m x 150mm high timber frame backfilled with aggregate to improve drainage and increase the height off the ground and move her existing field shelter on it. The existing guttering on the field shelter was also changed to drain into two new 250 litre water butts to supplement the mains water on site and reduce the amount of water draining to the ground and therefore reduce the amount of mud. We also completed the works significantly under budget.

Renovating 45m x 20m Outdoor Riding Arena

ACC Contracting was contracted by EPDS Racing to completely overhaul an existing 45m x 20m outdoor riding arena at a large livery yard in Berkshire. The existing woodchip riding surface had become unusable, the sub base had subsided in a few places and the arena was unusable due to the danger it posed to riders and horses.

We removed the old woodchip surface with the 8t 360 excavator and 5t 4WD dumper and used it to resurface and level some field access tracks at the site to keep disposal costs to a minimum. The existing sub base was then relevelled with the excavator and additional material supplied to ensure a tolerance of +/-40mm across the arena was maintained with the laser level.

A new 900 square metre non woven membrane was laid across the arena to allow drainage, while preventing the surface from mixing with the sub base. Approximately 120 tons of a new fibre and rubber riding surface was then spread across the arena with the 8t 360 excavator before being mixed and levelled with the Quad Bike and arena maintainer / leveller. Once the surface has been wetted by rain, it was compacted with a vibrating roller suitable to be used for the first time. The project was completed on time and on budget and is now in constant use by livery riders.

Installing Raised and Fenced Hard Standing Area

ACC Contracting was contracted by a private landowner and grassland management customer to install a 6.5m x 5.5m x 300mm high raised and fenced hard standing area at the rear of his existing yard to extend the storage space into one of the adjoining fields. The hard standing included ducting for cable services, a robust and hard wearing sub-base and was topped with 20mm chipped Pink Granite to blend in with the existing yard surface. The work was carried out with our own plant and equipment and completed within budget and in under 3 days.

Replacing a damaged Timber Bridge with a Culvert Crossing

ACC Contracting was contracted by a private livery yard in Berkshire to resolve the issue of a dangerous, rotten and partially collapsed railway sleeper / timber bridge along an access track to fields. Rather than replace like – for – like with another timber structure which requires a degree of maintenance, we opted to remove the bridge completely. ACC Contracting then replaced the bridge with a heavy duty piped culvert crossing which was not only considerably cheaper than a like – for – like timber replacement, it should also be maintenance free and longer lasting.

The culvert was made from two 6m lengths of 600mm internal diameter twinwall pipe and 20 tons of crushed concrete levelled and compacted on top to provide a substantial and hard wearing surface, topped with top soil. Two pipes were installed to allow high water levels to drain away quickly, improving drainage in the area. The whole structure was installed with the 8t 360 tracked excavator and 6t 4WD dumper, working from just one bank to reduce damage to the track and area by the heavy plant. The project was completed on time and inside the allocated budget.

Making a Nature Reserve Accessible to All

ACC Contracting have been carrying out contract work on behalf of Chiltern Rangers at a community nature reserve and wildife site in the heart of High Wycombe, ACC Contracting installed an environmentally friendly, low cost, unobtrusive 350m long path and track to allow people of all abilities to access the reserve and enjoy the wildlife. More can be read about this on the ACC Contracting blog entry: Conservation in the local Community.

The Managing Director of Chilter Rangers had the following to say regarding our work, which I think speaks for itself: ACC Contracting were a pleasure to work with. Matt was able to advise in the project design phase and delivered on time and on budget in the delivery phase.  His expert knowledge was both welcome and necessary especially when conditions deteriorated on site, yet he judged it to perfection. We have as a result, three new gravel riffle sections and improved marginal habitat on the River Wye in High Wycombe. ACC Contracting have also worked with us on other projects and are equally at home with hand & power tools and guiding volunteers to create woody berms and deflectors, as at the helm of a 14 tonne 360 excavator. They also have been excellent sharing the project on social media which is a great help and an extra bonus for the funders. We highly recommend ACC Contracting for any of your landscaping projects.”

Funges Meadow & Stream Habitat Enhancement

Carrying out contract work on behalf of Chiltern Rangers at a community feature in the heart of High Wycombe, ACC Contracting implemented low cost but high gain habitat enhancements to improve the educational site in January 2016. More can be read about this project on the ACC Contracting blog entry: Funges Meadow Back Stream Enhancement.