Replacing a damaged Timber Bridge with a Culvert Crossing

I was contracted by a private livery yard in Berkshire to resolve the issue of a rotten and partially collapsed railway sleeper / timber bridge along an access track to fields. Rather than replace like – for – like with another timber structure which requires a degree of maintenance, I opted to remove the bridge completely. I then replaced the bridge with a piped culvert crossing which was not only considerably cheaper than a like – for – like timber replacement, it should also be maintenance free and longer lasting.

The culvert was made from two 6m lengths of 600mm internal diameter twinwall pipe and 20 tons of crushed concrete levelled and compacted on top to provide a substantial and hard wearing surface, topped with top soil. Two pipes were installed to allow high water levels to drain away quickly, improving drainage in the area. The whole structure was installed with the 8t 360 tracked excavator and 6t 4WD dumper, working from just one bank to reduce damage to the track and area by the heavy plant. The project was completed on time and inside the allocated budget.

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